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announcement that the company will share its patents and won't sue people who use them has a lot of parallels with the cell phone battle with apple and android. >> tesla is exactly the opposite of apple strategy. >> reporter: apple says here's our product, take it or leave it. a lot of people take it. compare that to android where users and developers have a lot more options to personalize their electronics, known in the industry as open source. >> who is winning the volume? not apple. >> reporter: massive volume is the key to success in the automobile industry and continuing on as a one-of-a- kind player is a dead end for tesla. it must expand. >> what musk is trying to do is create the same efficiencies in volume by opening the platform and inviting other manufacturers in. >> reporter: when other manufacturers begin using tesla's patents to make electric car parts the cost of the parts comes down and then so does the cost of the cars.
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essentially, he says tesla is channeling the original king of the automobile industry. >> henry ford was famous not because he made the most expensive cars but because he made cars so cheap that everyone could afford them. >> reporter: this move certainly moves musk closer to his goal of having more people driving electric cars but the professor adds, it's also going to be good for the bottom line. in fremont, simon perez kpix 5. >> tesla is so serious about it that it's no longer displaying the patents on its headquarters. the patent announcement didn't help the stock today. shares ended in the red. texas governor rick perry is in california trying to get tesla to build in his state. but while in san francisco last night, he made some comments that struck a nerve with people in the bay area. he was asked whether homosexuality is a disorder.
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>> i may have the genetic coding that i'm inclined to be an alcoholic, but i have the desire not to do that. and i look at the homosexual issue the same way. >> today, the backlash is just beginning. >> not the place where you want to advance your theories on what is inate and what is not inate among homosexuals. just a dumb thing to do and it's something that frankly was a rookie maneuver, not something befitting a governor of a large state. >> he is defending an important constituency in california and that shows that he is out of touch with the audience that he is trying to reach. >> something similar has happened before. the ceo of mozilla was ousted over his views on gay marriage. perry's comments could cost texas its shot as landing a new tesla battery factory. state assemblyman and lgbt activist tom ammiano has similar sentiments. >> tesla last to look at what it would mean for them to go to
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a state that discriminates against not only lgbt people, but a woman's right to choose, environmental violation, you know, like fracking. >> and lieutenant governor newsom thinks rick perry should apologize for his comments. he tweeted, governor perry is someone who wants to steal our jobs. but he should start by getting a clue. hashtag lovecore computers ignorance. >> reporter: for decades oakland sports fans have cheered for the a's and raiders at the oakland coliseum. but a kpix 5's da lin learned there may not be room for two professional sports teams in the city. >> reporter: raiders and a's fans team up to defeat the lease extension. >> very frustrated, angry. >> reporter: 10 years at the coliseum sounds like a commitment. righ but many a's fans are pleading to wait. they say it's bad for oakland fans and the raiders. the president of save oakland
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sports a group of fans working to keep both teams: >> this could result in the raiders leaving oakland by signing this agreement. >> reporter: the raiders are the only team that actually wants to stay in oakland and plans to spend $400 million toward a new football stadium. owner mark davis said in the past if the a's stay it would make it hard for him to build a stadium. that's why fans worry the long- term lease would force the raiders out. >> they have more leverage because they have a lot of other opportunities and we are very concerned about los angeles. >> reporter: the ten-year lease has an out clause allowing the a's to walk if the raiders build a stadium on the coliseum site. but he believes any long-term lease with the a's would hurt the raiders stadium plan. he says city and counter leaders should lock in the raiders first. he doesn't want to reward a's owner lew wolff with a long- term extension given his long- term plan to move the team to
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san jose. oakland mayor jean quan understands the fans' frustration. >> even with the extension he is not talking about building a new stadium. until he starts talking about a new stadium, that people are a little suspicious. >> reporter: the joint powers authority which oversees the coliseum could vote as early as next friday to approve the lease. if they do, oakland city council members and alameda county supervisors will then vote on it. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the a's and the raiders turned down our request for an interview. the joint powers authority also refused to talk. workers and labor organizers rallied at the state capital today for a bill that protects temporary workers. the state senate is currently considering a bill that would hold companies accountability for any mistreatment of temporary workers. supporters at the rally were also targeting tracy-based taylor farms. they claim temp workers are being overworked with no chance
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of advancement. >> all this is, is a way to cheat the state of california, cheat the workers and pay them different wages and that's not right. so we want to have management end this type of temporary worker america which is undermining the american dream. >> taylor farms says it does not support that bill calling it unnecessary. it also says it provides what it calls great conditions for its workers. a new bill making it easier to fire abusive teachers is on the way to the governor's desk. that legislation would create a faster firing process for teachers accused of abusing students and for certain drug crimes. the bill also accelerates appeals for other types of dismissals. this comes just two days after a judge found the state's teacher tenure laws unconstitutional. well, marin county saw its first wildfire of the season today. that fire started this morning in samuel taylor state park near mount barnaby. it burned about 35 acres before it was contained.
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chopper 5 got there and firefighters were mopping up. that fire left behind scorched hillsides but no word yet on a cause. other bay area headlines, livermore firefighters are investigating two more suspicious grassfires. crews put them out yesterday before they reached any homes. earlier this week, a teenager was arrested on suspicion of starting 8 fires in the past month. a junior rotc program will be coming to a high school in richmond. there was some fierce debate but the school board voted 4-1 last night to allow junior rotc at de anza high school beginning in the fall. the principal says 200 students have already signed up. and there's a waiting list. los angeles is now in the running to get the george lucas museum of cultural arts. it has been a two-way battle between san francisco and chicago but now the l.a. mayor is offering to tear down the indoor los angeles memorial sports arena to build the museum. it would house lucas' private art collection.
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well, still ahead, some people say that their pets are members of the family. >> the proposed law that would make sure animals are in good hands if something happens to the owners. >> reporter: and good thursday evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno live from martinez. waterfront park. i'll have your forecast. i'm also going to explain why hundreds of people come here every night of the week to have fun and play some bocce. it's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at the information was on a thb drive... in a locker belongg more than 33,000 patients had their x-ray records stolen from a santa rosa medical facility. the information was on a little thumb drive in a locker belonging to an employee of redwood regional medical group. the drive was stolen during a burglary. it did not have social security
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numbers or any information on the drive. affect people will be getting a letter. pets in california could be getting more protection thanks to a first piece of crowd sourced legislation. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains. >> reporter: southern california lawmaker wants to get more people involved in making laws. so opened up a wiki page allowing anyone to weigh in on what kind of laws they would like to see and the result is a piece of legislation that some say could bring pets one step closer to getting some human rights. this is a lucky dog. >> he is a family member. >> reporter: his owner set up a pet trust leaving money and instructions in his will in case he dies before the dog. >> i'm making sure there's provisions left for him in case something should happen. >> reporter: but what happens if the dog's trustee isn't exactly trustworthy? >> right now, there is no protection if the trustee decides not to do what they are supposed to be doing. >> reporter: the attorney says the animas can get the
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shortened of the stick when owners leave money for their care. enter assembly bill 1520 the world's first crowd sourced piece of legislation. the measure would allow the court to appoint a representative to protect the interests of a pet similar to a child. in other words, someone to speak for the pet in court proceedings that involve money in the trust. >> let's say the trustee then is responsible in holding $100,000 in a bank account and they decide that they would rather take a vacation to the bahamas. >> we don't need this. >> reporter: but sharon coleman and the animal council are opposed to the measure. she says pet trusts can already be set up with built-in monitoring although most aren't. >> you can put terms in there to allow some other person to do all kinds of things, a supervisory thing. >> reporter: she also takes issue with the way the bill was created on a first-of-its-kind wikipedia site to allow anyone to chime in on the wording. >> i thought it was ridiculous
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and unbelievable. >> reporter: opinions on that are mixed, too. they are also concerned the bill could open the door to more litigation even someday allowing pets to file lawsuits against people! >> it's a slippery slope. >> this is not a slippery slope towards anything other than making sure that a pet is protected based off its owner's wishes. >> reporter: those wishes are clear for this owner, long walks, lots of play and a secure future. >> he is my best friend. >> reporter: the measure was unanimously passed by committees in both the assembly and the senate. it now goes to the state senate for a vote. assemblyman mike gatt tow came up with the idea to allow the public to help write legislation and pet lovers were just the first to weigh in. >> you were not surprised at that? >> not at all. i will say i'm one of those crazy -- dog moms. >> i am, too. bianca if you are watching. [ laughter ] >> full disclosure. [ laughter ] >> thanks. breaking fuse to tell you
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about now. a -- breaking news to tell you about now. a s.w.a.t. standoff and lockdown appears to be over in san leandro. police at a house in san leandro near washington and castro surrounded. a suspect walked out of the home with his hands behind his head. he is now in custody as officers search the home for any other possible suspects. police told us they were on the hunt for a suspect wanted for several violent crimes. we are looking at a live look here at the scene from the ground where neighbors were told to stay inside the homes during the standoff. the state's historic drought has prompted one bay area county to launch a fireworks safety campaign. santa clara county's board of supervisors made the announcement today just a few weeks before the 4th of july. they want to remind residents about the usual dangers of illegal fireworks and point out the risk of fire is greater this year because of the very dry conditions. >> we want to make sure people are going where it's safe and
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people are not taking great risks with their own personal safety or putting others in jeopardy by using illegal fireworks. >> the county set aside $20,000 for the educational safety campaign. so he used the word perfect so many times, meteorologist paul deanno said perfect, perfect, perfect. we decided to send him out in this "perfect" weather. he is in martinez. [ laughter ] >> having a little bit too much fun. >> reporter: it is perfect! it is perfect! for bocce. it is a perfect night for bocce. of course, in martinez, that is every night because they do bocce here 230 teams, 2100 members, they do this every evening monday through friday, they do it on sunday, there are 15 courts here and it is a festive atmosphere here in martinez. beautiful weather breezy today currently 72 degrees. but we have many different leagues of bocce going on here and 2100 players. every week coming out to have a great time and great weather for it this evening.
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morgan hill the high 80. concord hit 77. san rafael 73. san jose 72. fremont 69 degrees. and san francisco today's high 62. lots going on this weekend. the north beach festival san francisco both saturday and sunday afternoons will be sunny upper 60s. and the rodeo in livermore the rodeo grounds both saturday and sunday sunny and warm inland with highs in the upper 80s. low pressure is passing by to our north which means it will stay breezy into the evening. but high pressure building in which means more seasonal temperatures tomorrow. and this onshore flow will weaken -- that onshore flow will weaken and temperatures will climb each day through tuesday next week. high temperatures tomorrow san jose 80. 8 degrees warmer than today. pacifica chilly and foggy high 63 there. fremont 73. oakland 74. san francisco 67. warmest inland spots saturday and sunday 90. near the bay really comfortable, mid-80s, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine still chilly at the coast with highs in the low 60s. warmest days will be monday and tuesday low 90s inland, low to
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mid-70s near the bay before we cool off with the stronger onshore flow next wednesday and thursday. back out here live in martinez, i'll tell you what, it's not only bocce games going on but it's the kind of a festive atmosphere. people are having a good time bringing food, drink and barbecue. everybody is just around sitting around smiling and having a wonderful evening. i'm being handed food live on the air now. thank you very much. what is this ma'am? >> a cheese ball on a toasted -- >> reporter: you had me at cheese! thank you so much! [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's a great time. they pay me to do this. we get to hang out and play bocce and have some good food, too. back to you. >> he is taking winners on court number 5 next. all right, paul. thanks. the drought has dried up camping plans at a very popular bay area spot. so bad at memorial county park in san mateo county, all camping canceled for the month. kpix 5's don ford shows us how
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one creek is affecting thousands of people. >> reporter: it's one of san mateo county's crown jewels, popular, beautiful, and after this weekend, it's closed. >> but we have to because we don't have a reliable water source right now at any time the water system could go down. >> reporter: pescadero creek is the heart and soul of the park and due to the drought, that heart is getting fainter. the creek level is dropping fast. is tammy cook and her family have been coming here for over 50 years. >> we come here just about every year and it's never been closed because of the water. >> reporter: the park relies on this intake for water. >> we had 10.5" of water from the bottom to the surface. and from the intake we have about 7.5". >> reporter: small whirlpools like this one are starting to form above the suction. if air gets into the pipe the entire system will shut down.
6:19 pm
for the moment kids are still playing, on borrowed time. and some steps have already been taken to conserve. >> it was a surprise when we got here and we found out that the showers are closed. >> reporter: 10-year-old anthony says he loves camping here. >> i also like the creek. >> reporter: you also like the creek. [ laughter ] >> and the shops. >> reporter: you like the shops. [ laughter ] >> yeah, ice cream! >> reporter: ice cream shop. yeah, that's right, huh. >> we have to have a reliable water system because we can have as many as 1500 to 2,000 people a day. this is a very popular park. >> reporter: although after sunday all of this will be closed to overnight camping, they will still keep account park open for daily use. in san mateo county, don ford, kpix 5. >> so if you had a reservation this month, the park folks will get in touch with you because campers will be given the option of rescheduling or getting a full refund. coyote sightings have turned into coyote snatchings. a little dog taken right out of its own backyard in pacifica near lincoln boulevard and park
6:20 pm
pacific avenue. the brazen attack is something police haven't seen before. in broad daylight one coyote hopped a fence, grabbed a chihauhau and took off with it. the dog's owner saw the whole thing. neighbors say with her homes backed up it the wilderness, coyote sightings are common. >> definitely concerning i think for any size dog or the people. >> wildlife, deer, coyotes, and mountain lions. >> pacifica police put out a warning watch small pets don't feed wild animals, and remove water, pet food and garbage from yards. soccer fans around the globe are glued to it. the world cup started today. >> that's absolutely right. what if you are not a huge fan? coming up, allen, four tips to help you at least sound like you know what you're talking about. ♪ ♪
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thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first.
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to see their team kick off e world cup. the crowd went home happy, brazil defeated croatia 3 to 1. brazil is the only count
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a sea of yellow-clad soccer fans swarmed to the stadium in sao paulo brazil to see the world cup. brazil defeated croatia 3-1. brazil is the only country that's played in every world cup. the beautiful game might be the most popular sport in the world. but here in the u.s., it's a different story. if you don't understand the game or would like to sound like you do, listen up. kpix 5's mike sugerman with a little lesson in soccer speak. mike. >> reporter: well, we'll do our best, veronica. we're here at mad dog in the fog in the haight and i have my brazilian beer. earlier today it was packed! with hundreds of excited soccer fans and me. i -- i'm trying to get it. i -- i want to get it. i took some lessons today. here's what i found. >> come on, baby! >> reporter: i'm a big baseball fan. >> go giants! >> reporter: grew up playing it, football, too.
6:24 pm
but soccer? [ non-english language ] >> reporter: i don't get it. not a big fan. but look, let's compare a bar showing the giants game today compared to one showing the world cup. the enthusiasm is catchy. >> oh!! >> reporter: i want to be part it. but i don't want to sound or act like a dufus. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: i was going to ask him for help but instead i turned to josh a native born san franciscan who grew up with a love the game. agreed to give me a couple of soccer phrases to throw around so i could sound like i knew what i was talking about. number one, it's not soccer. >> you could say footie. you could just say football. >> reporter: it's football. number 2, first touch. >> first touch is just the first moment a guy receives the ball. how well he did, control it at his feet. >> nice first touch, huh? >> reporter: first touch.
6:25 pm
number 3, nutmeg. >> nutmeg? >> namar is going to dribble the ball through a guy's leg. that's a nutmeg. >> reporter: oh, nutmeg, right through his legs, huh? >> that was not a nutmeg. >> reporter: finally number 4, upper 90s. >> just that refers to the 90- degree angle where the crossbar meets the post. put the ball right up in the corner that's in the upper 90s. >> reporter: upper 90! first, football, first touch, 90s. you might seem like now what you talk about. grab a flag and dance. that's what everybody else was doing. i probably still sound like a nerd and look like one but i got my brazilian beer and a month to learn more. from san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> thank you, mike. we have you covered on world cup with game time standings, the best bars and even a survey on how clueless
6:26 pm
some people are. >> hello. >> mike. >> reporter: go to >> i'm right there with you, mike. millions of -- just dance around with the winning flag. millions of people around the world going to be glued to the tv sets watching the world cup games. but an ad released by twitter shows how excited internet advertisers are about the matches. this year's world cup will surpass the super bowl and olympics in total social media mentions. the u.s. represents just 8% of that chatter. advertisers have noticed. >> this is a big key to get into emerging markets places like brazil, india, other markets that aren't the world class developed economies like north america and europe but are quickly growing. >> asia-pacific region producing the most world cup social buzz. 48% share followed by europe, the middle east and then africa. coming up in our next half hour, stanford students calling for justice against a sexual
6:27 pm
assault suspect. >> what the school is not doing that has them so upset. >> and you remember this white bronco. it's now been 20 years since the slow-speed chase and murder trial that put o.j. simpson on the defensive. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,
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you're watching kpix 5 news. now at 6:30, stanford students rally in support of one of their classmates an alleged sexual assault victim. they say the school is not doing enough. they are demanding justice, too. the young woman at the center of this case says her alleged attacker should have been kicked out of school. len ramirez with angry campus reaction. >> reporter: this was the second protest in a week in support of the female student who the university says was the victim of a sexual assault. stanford senior leah francis led about 100 supporters in a loud protest at the faculty senate over the university's ruling in a case where she says she was raped by a fellow student. the university will allow the male student to graduate sunday even though stanford's own investigation found him responsible for the attack. >> what disturbs me most about this is that he is -- he is a dangerous person. he raped someone, myself, who
6:31 pm
knew and trusted him and i have no reason to believe he will not do it again. >> reporter: the assault took place in the student's home state of alaska last year while the two were dating. there was a criminal investigation but no charges were filed. the university will temporarily withhold the male student's degree but he will be able to return for grad school after he waits out a one-year suspension. students are demanding expulsion as a mandatory result for students found responsible for sexual assault. the male student has not been named but has appealed the findings of the university that he was responsible for the attack. he said he didn't do it. in stanford, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the case is gaining national attention on social media. hashtag stand with leah is trending. this summer, the student task force is expected to issue a new set of proposals for dealing with sexual assaults. prosecutors in miami will not file charges against 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. although kaepernick and two other nfl players did party with a woman in a hotel room in
6:32 pm
april, prosecutors say there is no evidence they committed any crime. the woman had said she may have been sexually assaulted but prosecutors say the complaint is unfounded. you may remember the infamous slow-speed chase with o.j. simpson in his white bronco leading police through the highways of l.a. it was an event that captivated millions of viewers. today marks 20 years since the killings of o.j. simpson's ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. cbs' john blackstone reports what happened in the days and months ahead became a cultural turning point. here's a reminder of how it all unfolded. >> reporter: the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman were brutal and shocking but when o.j. simpson became the prime suspect, it launched america's fascination with reality tv. >> for the audience, this was entertainment. and as sad as that sounds, it's the truth. >> reporter: the chief correspondent for inside edition was the main anchor for
6:33 pm
cnn's coverage of simpson's trial. >> this was the first high- profile case that was televised wall to wall, gavel to gavel, and you had a man who was a legend, a sports icon, beloved. people loved o.j. simpson. >> reporter: tv cameras were there live when police searched simpson's home. and there is word this morning that a broad soaked glove was found inside. cameras were waiting for simpson to turn himself in to police when his attorney robert shapiro made a surprising plea. >> for the sake of your family, for the sake of your children, please surrender immediately. >> reporter: then the white bronco was spotted. >> the suspect is in the back of the vehicle, has a handgun. >> reporter: 95 million tv viewers were gripped by what became known as the slow-speed chase. [ sirens ] >> reporter: months later simpson's courtroom drama was broadcast into living rooms introducing a cast of characters fit for a soap opera. star witnesses who became stars
6:34 pm
themselves. houseguest kato kaelin homicide dividend mark fuhrman, prosecutor marcia clark and the dream team of attorneys including the accomplished show man johnnie cochran who came up with the trial's most famous line after the prosecution invited o.j. to try on the bloody glove found at his home. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: after only a few hours of deliberations, the jury did just that. >> orenthal james super simpson not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: they called it the trial of the century. 20 years later that judgment still stands. i'm john blackstone. >> nearly 500 unaccompanied migrant children will be moved out of a detention center in arizona due to alleged abuse from border patrol officials. some of the children will be transferred to a naval base in ventura, california. coalition groups sent a 25 page complaint to officials at the department of homeland security saying many of the children are harassed and abused by
6:35 pm
officials. the complaint was filed on behalf of 116 immigrant children most of them from honduras, guatemala and el salvador. a bay area veteran in the last stages of his own life is hoping the pictures he took almost 50 years ago in vietnam will live on. we got a look at some of his remarkable moments in time. greg morgan was just 20 when he was sent to vietnam as an intelligence specialist with the army. he took pictures of the world around him capturing moments on film of a small group of indigenous mountain villagers. >> this is the shaman. he has holy water. he has leaves. he dips the leaves in the water. and blesses the weapons. >> reporter: morgan is at the end stages of lou gehrig's disease. and now he has a simple wish with his remaining days. he wants to share with the world the pictures he took of the villagers that he so
6:36 pm
greatly admired. >> they have very clear gazes. they are not protecting their souls in their eyes. >> reporter: the group was strong often battling at the side of u.s. soldiers. even the children had a fierce maturity and wisdom beyond their years. >> this is the guardian of the gate. i would say it's maybe 4 years old. she is making the decision that these people are come in or tell them to go away. >> reporter: despite the language differences, he would venture into their village at least twice a week to socialize and take photographs. >> she is looking at a picture of her for the first time in her life. this is a honda 50. he is just [ indiscernible ] his wife is on it. she is barefoot. >> reporter: morgan doesn't want them to be forgotten. he wants the villagers to be
6:37 pm
remembered for their kindness of, happiness, and loyalty. images that have been etched in his mind for decades. >> when greg morgan returned from vietnam he pursued a career in nursing and last year he got married. still ahead, a new perk for amazon prime users. >> you can stream music for free! but you may not be able to listen to all your favorites. >> and no texting, tweeting or posting pictures. the northern california summer camp that makes you look up and enjoy what's around you. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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facebook is about to start tracking your move websites other than its own. for example -- facebook is about to start tracking your movements on websites other than its own. for example, if you click on a retailer website through facebook your newsfeed could start showing related ads. facebook started sending alerts about the changes today. they will take effect in the
6:40 pm
coming weeks. starbucks will soon offer more than just a caffeine boost. the chain is teaming with duracell to offer wireless recharging of smartphones. just lay them on charging pads. starbucks plans a national rollout of the free service starting in the bay area. amazon will be bringing you some tunes. it's launching a new music streaming service called prime music. it can be streamed from the amazon music app or your computer but won't offer music from one of the biggest labels universal. it's certainly hard to get people to look up from their gadgets these days. guilty. adults some of the worst owe fenn. kara tsuboi takes us to an asubtle summer camp near ukiah. >> reporter: "camp grounded" in the california redwoods looks like a traditional summer camp. they arrive in a classic yellow school bus. >> whoo! >> reporter: but here, no one is posting pictures on
6:41 pm
instagram, tweeting or texting. this is digital detox camp for the technology obsessed. >> i put videos and pictures all the way here and status and didn't have any signal. >> you put all your devices in a brown paper bag and turn them in for four days at the tech check. you leave the doors, you don't have a watch, no cell phone, not even a wallet. >> reporter: the campers from more than 30 states and five countries range in age from 18 to 91 must adopt a camp name to discourage work talk or networking. they have an in box where campers leave paper messages. that's not all. in the analog zone there's a paper newsfeed you can scroll. a place to clip your art. and even a huge powered search engine where campers can ask and answer questions. >> whoo! >> reporter: "camp grounded" is digital detox not digital rehab. veteran camper love handles says he was changed upon his return to san francisco last
6:42 pm
summer. >> i was much more open and willing to talk to people. >> reporter: "camp grounded" costs $570 for three nights including meals. batteries not included. or needed. in san francisco, i'm kara tsuboi, cbs for cbs news. -- for cbs news. >> you could do it at home for free. that's sad. "camp grounded" has two more sessions this month. >> sign me up. >> i need to unplug. so do you. >> i know. >> computer, laptop, tablet. can't do without them. the california guy is taking relaxation to a whole new level. >> that's what i want in on. he is putting hot tubs out in the water where you can check them out next. >> wow. >> the largest bocce league in the united states of america is right here in the bay area. we are live tonight at that league in martinez with a beautiful forecast as we head toward the weekend. that's coming up next. >> and i'm vern glenn in pacifica. and we're bowling for charity.
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wahoo! how about that! hey, that's how we do it veronica. come on back! ,,,,,,,,,,
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heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
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like sitting in a hot tub, y not put them together? call it the best of both worlds for a guy in san diego. you like boating, sitting in a hot tub, put them together. that's exactly what taylor rhoades decided to do and look at the friends he has now but before he could build his floating formof relaxation he had to get the coast guard and lifeguards to approve it. now he is the proud owner of hot tub cruisin'. >> it's very safe. same rules as any other boat. >> this is the best of both, right? >> the boat has room for 10 people and a barbecue. right now, you can take it out on the water for $215 an hour. >> got to love that. all right. skywatchers are in for a celestial treat tonight when the moon rises in its so-called honeymoon phase. june's full moon is the one most likely to grow yellow
6:47 pm
throughout the night. the high position gives the moon the glow. the honeymoon will be at its fullest at 9 p.m. tonight. >> we have been warned. paul deanno keeping an eye on things in martinez and have you perfected the bocce thing yet or are you still on the cheese and toast? >> reporter: it's having a good time. i'll tell you what, there are very few places you can go anywhere in the world and have everybody be smiling everybody having a good time. that's how it is here in martinez. it's the biggest bocce league in the country and 2100 people every week play bocce here on 15 courts. so it's one great match going on right here. looks like a solid roll coming up now. everybody is smiling just having a good time. almost like you went to a party and a bocce match turned out. it's the martinez bocce federation at waterfront park. 15 courts and 2100 members come out here and the weather this evening could not be better for this because, yes, they have rainouts. all of this is of course outdoors. san bruno right now 64.
6:48 pm
oakland down to 68. livermore down to 69. san francisco 61. san jose also upper 60s. santa rosa the outlier right now sitting currently at 81 degrees. 50s and 40s, san francisco 52 overnight. oakland in the 50s overnight. low pressure passing by to the north. it was breezy to windy this afternoon. that will continue this evenly but that wind will relax overnight tonight. and as we head toward the weekend, as high pressure builds in that will give us more seasonal temperatures. today we kind of bottomed out temperature-wise tomorrow with high pressure building in temperatures begin to climb back up. it will be a breezy evening tonight with fog returning near the bay and also along the coastline. a lot of sunshine for you tomorrow and it will be warmer by a few degrees in most spots and the weekend, this is friday eve, folks, the weekend looks very sunny and mild and pleasant not hot. and that sunshine will mainly be away from the coast. we'll stay cloudy along the coastline. high temperatures tomorrow, let's take a tour in the south
6:49 pm
bay los gatos 82, hayward 72 with morning cloud cover. mountain view 77 degrees tomorrow. martinez and benicia right around 80 degrees for a high tomorrow. san ramon 77. pleasanton pleasant at 78 degrees. mill valley 73. sonoma 81. alameda 73. rohnert park 78. ukiah your high tomorrow 82 degrees. remember earlier this week you were about 105 in ukiah. warming up saturday and sunday, warm inland approaching 90. mid-70s near the bay. low 60s at the coast with afternoon sunshine anywhere away from the water. monday and tuesday our warmest days will be 92, 93 degrees inland, mid-70s near the bay. and we'll cool off next wednesday and thursday but the one constant is a lack of rainfall. this is a dry time of year. and this will be a dry seven- day forecast. back out live in martinez, lots of concentration but at the same time, there is also a lot of fun. it's bocce night which happens to be every night here at the martinez bocce federation. sports is coming up next.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
vern glenn doing his sports live at the bowling alley and he has brought his game! >> the man of the hour hitting
6:53 pm
a strike. that was pressure, dude. >> i'm impressed. >> reporter: ron veronica i just wanted to show off, veronica! [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is a great charity thing i'm emceeing. the bowl for youth y in. ca bayview-hunters point tonight for ymca. we have a bunch of 49ers current, past and it's really a good cause. we are having a good time. segueing from bowling to golf they have the u.s. open qualifying. that was just a little while ago. but today, it was for real. now, in this one, the bronze statue of payne stewart who won at pinehurst 15 years ago, look out, ricky fowler wore the trademark knickers in his honor. phil mickelson who lost to stewart in 1999 is chase his first u.s. open win pro shot to the tenth green on the money
6:54 pm
birdieing the hole. shot an even 70. hunter mcneeley made a mess out of the final nine holes but his last was a beauty. the great tee shot set up a birdie to finish four over. jordan disappointed in the masters. one of four birdies for spieth on 7who shot a 59. one of the favorites is dustin johnston check out the tee shot at 6. it rolled into the weeds. johnson would save par. he also shot a 69. german golfer barton kymer blue the doors off everyone in the back nine bird anything three of the final five holes and shot a 65 which is a course record at the u.s. open. well, so kimer is three shots up on kevin na and several others. phil mickelson just five back and found out today that his name was reportedly cleared by
6:55 pm
investigators for questionably trading clorox stocks. >> you know, i'll continue to say i haven't done anything wrong and if there's -- i'm willing to help out love to help out on the investigation. i do have a lot to say and i will say it at the right time. i got a lot to say but i just can't say it right now. >> reporter: brazil, it's world cup time. disastrous start for the host croatia. marcelo scoring a goal 1-0 croatia. brazil tied it in the 29th minute. penalty kick in the 71st. brazilian win 3-1. the u.s.'s first game is monday. now, the baseball after three straight losses the giants in the getaway game against the washington nationals. frank mallicoat ball dude along with lawrence karnow! second inning action tyler
6:56 pm
coleman a gapper. through the wall. anyone else? that's a home run but he was with a triple and rbi. 1-0 giants. in the 6th runners in fact corners. 4-1 giants. and tim hudson put it on autopilot with that kind of a lead. five punouts for hudson. 2 for the year, 7-1 the final for the giants. >> we caught them at a time where if they are going to get a few from us it was probably the time to get a few from us but we are going to at least we could show them that you know, the team that they beat us the first couple of two or three games, you know, we were better than the club they saw. >> i have always admired hudy from the other side. we were very, very excited about getting him here and he has done all that we thought he could do and more. >> all right. the a's are off tonight which
6:57 pm
means yoenis cespedes can't unleash another incredible throw like last night. he bobbled the ball in the outfield to nail albert pujols trying to stretch a double into a trip. . this came one night after he made that brilliant throw to nail a runner at the plate. the cuban missile has a major league-leading 9 out fields assists. so we bring it right back here to pacifica. now, in the tease, you saw me bowl a perfect strike. i'm going to try to do it again! all right. here we go. for news throughout the eve, >> it's going left! >> it's all right. >> was that a gutter ball? >> almost. [ laughter >> no gutter balls here. >> i think i'll go hit a bucket of balls. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
6:58 pm
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"family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: hey, welcome to the show. good. thank you very much. how you folks doing? thank you very much, everybody. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one today. returning for the second day from pollock pines, california, it's the secor family... >> yeah! whoo! >> yeah! steve: and from norwood, mass., it's the acloque family. everybody is here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new, fuel-efficient ford fusion. give me jillian. give me drea. let's go. ok, guys. here we go, top 7

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